Get Far Out!  Artist Series Adventure Flask, By Lauren Bello Okerman

Get Far Out! Artist Series Adventure Flask, By Lauren Bello Okerman

We're stoked to introduce the "Get Far Out!" All-Day Adventure Flask, an ocean of creativity splashed across our award-winning utility bottle. And the mastermind behind this artistry? None other than Lauren Bello Okerman, a creative human, an art explorer, a mountain dweller, and now, our collaborator in this exciting new venture.

Lauren Bello Okerman is not just a Creative Director and artist, but also a storyteller, weaving intricate narratives of adventure, exploration, and in the case of the new AF a deep-sea mystery through her designs. Her work also graces the the cover of magazines and the tops and bottoms of Coalition Snow skis and snowboards. 

Just like an ocean wave, Lauren's creative process is fluid, giving space and time to explore the depths of her imagination. Her AF inspirations? The great ocean voyagers - the free-divers, the salty sailors, and the wayward mermaids, each on a quest to discover the exciting adventure that lies just over the horizon.

So grab your flask, channel your inner adventurer, and join us in celebrating the spirit of the wild, the creativity of Lauren Bello Okerman, and the adventurous story of the "Get Far Out!" All-Day Adventure Flask.

Here's to getting far out, my friends. Thanks for coming along for the ride!

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