Limited Edition Dawn Patrol Artist Series by Garrett Effa

Limited Edition Dawn Patrol Artist Series by Garrett Effa

Hibear and Garrett Effa Collab

We can all agree that morning adventures are much more enjoyable when they are powered by coffee. Rise and grind with the very first Limited Edition All-Day Adventure Flask, the Dawn Patrol.

North Lake Tahoe based artist, Garrett Effa, strives to master the art of design in various forms. As a ceramic artist and freelance graphic designer, he enjoys the challenge of creating imagery to fit a three-dimensional surface. Garrett spends most days in his home studio when heʼs not snowboarding. Living a block away from beautiful Lake Tahoe, Garrett derives inspiration from the alpine environment that surrounds him.

The Artwork

Dawn Patrol Line Art

Behind the Design

“Strength, courage, abundance, growth, duality; These are the virtues of an adventure, of a great forest, of a mighty mountain face, and the inspiration behind my design. As I embarked on coming up with a design, I immediately thought of a great metaphor using symbolism.

The Bear: represents the strength and courage in us all and the great power of the wilderness.

The Salmon: represents the abundance and bountiful life we share with the wilderness, and the stamina to keep going further! There must be a conscious balance to enjoy our adventure while keeping a respectable space for our natural surroundings.

The duality is not only in night and day in the design, or the bear and the salmon, but also a representation of the ever-changing seasons and environments we visit in our world. We must acknowledge and respect the duality within all living things and the changing landscapes we call our homes. We must leave enough salmon for the bear, or else the bear will not have the courage and strength to go on. We must embody both and sustain our world for generations to enjoy and adventure in our footsteps.”

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