Welcome to the Jungle | Coffee Collaboration

Welcome to the Jungle | Coffee Collaboration

Hibear x Forged Coffee Roasting Co.

Mentally prepare to have Guns ‘N Roses stuck in your head all day long as you sip the sweet, sweet nectar from our first-ever coffee blend.

By this point, you should be well aware of our affinity for coffee, whether it be cold brew or pourover or heck, even instant. We are fiends for the beans. While vending at a Wandering Wyld event in South Lake Tahoe in September, we met a man who had such a passion, such a zest, for all things roasting coffee… we were blown away. He enchanted us with tales of his forest-born coffee (super cool, look it up) and we bonded over our mutual love for collaborating with other creatives. A few days later, we ended up sitting down with Kyle Derian of Forged Coffee Roasting Company in Reno, Nevada and dreaming up all sorts of coffee blends we could bring to our Hibear community. And, friends… we done did it.

Forged Coffee Roasting Co.

But first, let’s shine the spotlight on Forged Coffee Roasting Company and Kyle’s passion. Forged is the culmination of a lifelong obsession and celebration of coffee. During forging, great heat is applied to iron and through the hammering process, this raw material becomes a stronger, sharper version of itself. Similarly, in the process of coffee roasting we apply heat to raw material to transform it, creating something stronger, sharper, more than what it was. At times it seems like a dark art, a practice of alchemy or magic, or some other mystical process that yields this glorious, life giving, drink. Or maybe we've just had too much coffee before writing this. Either way, that first cup in the morning sure seems magical.

At Forged, every small batch is roasted by hand with the goal of bringing each individual coffee to its best expression. All coffees are selected with an eye towards sustainability, revealing unique flavor attributes and, always, honoring our producers. Kyle brought the ultimate combination of sustainability and flavor to us when he discovered our new blend...

Welcome to the Jungle Coffee Blend

And so! Without further ado, we introduce coffee with a purpose, our Costa Rica Jaguar Tarrazú Honey “Welcome to the Jungle” coffee blend. Jaguar Honey isn’t just a catchy name. A portion of the proceeds of this coffee go to support Jaguar Conservation in Costa Rica. As our first honey processed coffee, this coffee has a crispy red apple acidity and beautiful cane sugar sweetness. Jaguar honey is milled at the Beneficio San Diego Mill (Est. in 1888) and is the oldest wet mill in Costa Rica.


The species is found from Mexico to northern Argentina, but has lost about 49% of its historical range, occurring at present in fragmented areas with the Amazon basin.

The largest species of Mesoamerica (42-100kg), jaguars are active by day and night. Although they are good climbers and swimmers, they prefer to hunt on the ground. Jaguars hunt a diverse diet, preying on fish, reptiles (iguanas, turtles, caimans, etc.), medium to large mammals (pacas, tapirs, white-lipped peccary), and large birds. Females breed about every two years, having 1-4 kittens. In wildlife, the jaguar can live about 15 years, while in captivity more than 20 years.


FUNDAZOO is an organization that is actively involved in conservation through research, habitat management, and education. Conservation activities include species exhibitions, natural history, guided tours, and workshops for students. Reforestation and rehabilitation of the zoo, as well as the Conservation Center in Santa Ana.

We hope you like our very first collaboration blend with Forged Coffee Roasters!
Welcome to the Jungle.
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