Felices Cinco De Mayo Mis Amigos!

Felices Cinco De Mayo Mis Amigos!

Time to get your limes, agave, & favorite mezcal all fired up and finalize those weekend adventure plans.

What’s new with Hibear? Too much for one email, so we’ll space it out with another in a couple of weeks #inboxrespect.

TLDR: We are aiming for a September 2019 Indiegogo launch. We figured It’s better to handle setbacks before the Adventure Flask goes on sale rather than after.

But why?

Well, we are gettin’ our pre-production honed into Valyrian steel.  

We are adapting our designs for the manufacturing process. With that, we had some needed design and material improvements to the strainer (the connection hub for any accessory attachments). The snap fittings between silicone against stainless steel were not strong enough and we found a more reliable method using full twist threading. This ensures that the filter, thermal core, and future accessories will stay connected to the platform. This also forces a material change from silicone to Tritan. Once the modifications are locked down then we will know the pricing. About friggin time right!?

So, dude, when can I buy this?

The current mods, who we’ll call Tyrion Lannister, because they are small but smart and awesome, could take 30 days. Once Tyrion shows up, we’ll cut our first production sample. This requires a lot of heavy lifting by our manufacturer. Which is when our tools and molds get cut. This huge milestone takes 60 days. Once it’s completed we’ll be hitting Indiegogo faster than Arya Stark can take down a dozen white walkers (yeah, we have been hitting the GOT a little hard).
It takes a long time for a new brand to get traction. It's because of awesome people like you who make the adventure flask possible. We don’t have a huge following like other established brands, which is why we started building so early. Thanks so much for being patient with us and I am truly sorry about the delay, but I hope this helps. 

What else is new?

We sent out a chunk of change to our manufacturer for the first half of our tooling and mold fee. The cool thing about this is when we wrap up our crowdfunding we can get you the Adventure Flask much faster. 

I am so stoked for everything that we have lined up! So many good ideas and so little time.

Have some of your own ideas or thoughts you want to share? We want to hear them! Just reply to this email. 

We need your help and so do your friends! Share some early bird pricing love by sending them to https://www.hibearoutdoors.com/ to sign up!
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