Hibear's Zombie Elixir

Hibear's Zombie Elixir

Greetings, Daring Souls, Witches, Warlocks, Vampires, and Zombies.

Congratulations, you're about to unlock the secret to the cocktail that's got everyone in the afterlife buzzing

The Zombie AF: What You'll Need:

  • 1 oz Light Rum (The kind that makes you hum)
  • 1 oz Dark Rum (For that shadowy touch)
  • 1 oz Apricot Brandy (Because even spirits like to get fruity)
  • 1 oz Lime Juice (Pucker-up buttercup)
  • 1/2 oz Grenadine (Red as the blood moon)
  • A splash of Pineapple Juice (A tropical afterlife oasis)
  • Ice cubes (Your 'cool' factor)
  • A cherry and a slice of pineapple (For garnish, duh)


  1. Prep Time: First, make sure your Hibear Adventure Flask is ready to rock.

  2. Spirit Assembly: In the jigger cap measure out the light rum, dark rum, and apricot brandy into your AF.

  3. Tropical Haunt: Add a splash of pineapple juice. This is your ticket to a tropical paradise in the underworld. Don't forget about that lime juice, and grenadine.

  4. Ice, Ice, Maybe: Throw in a couple of ice cubes. Spirits like it cool, you know.

  5. Seal and Shake: Cap with your cocktail shaker, secure the flask lid and shake like you're warding off a poltergeist.

  6. Garnish & Glory: Pop open that flask, pour your zombie into the sleeve, and garnish with a cherry and a slice of pineapple, or don't. Now you've got a drink that's as photogenic as it is phantasmic.

  7. Sip and Shiver: Enjoy the chills and thrills as this elixir brings you closer to the great beyond—culinarily speaking, of course.

  8.  Feel free to quadruple this recipe to get the undead in a lockstep line dance.

So there you have it, the Zombie AF, so good it's got every brain sucker coming back for seconds. Cheers to an afterlife full of adventure!

Till death do us sip!



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