Hibear Adventure Flask Color Samples

The All-Day Adventure Flask New Samples Are Killer.

Summer is onewheeling its way to chillier nights and It’s time to trade your sunscreen for sweaters. Before you know it, there will be apple pies and leaf-peeping multi-day adventures!

So, what’s new and exciting at Hibear?

TL;DR - Product changes = launch delays & We got cool samples

We wanted nothing more than to make our September launch date, but some recent design updates set us back. How deep in the woods did we go? About 2X longer than Scott Jurak on the Appalachian Trail or about three lunar cycles. We updated the pour-over, thermal core, and filter basket connections from snap on fittings to single twist to the updated Tritan strainer. Rad. More on this when the leaves are far more crunchy. 

How about some new samples?

Yeah we did! We got a set of super sleek samples then got down and dirty in our trail laboratory. We tweaked and made some awesome improvements. To say we are stoked is an understatement. 

We’re not one to boast but hey we got a nod from Urban Daddy and Gear Patrol. We also sponsored one the hardest 100ks in the country, Castle Peak 100k. Keeping busy!

Saving the best for last - I want to thank you, yes you, for being with us on this amazing journey. You rock! Till next time, put down that phone and go get some!

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