Strap in! Here we go...

Strap in! Here we go...

I'm stoked to share our progress this week!

DRUM ROLLLLLLL 🥁… Hibear Design Co is officially a member of 1% For The Planet! We take responsibility for the health of our planet by donating 1% of annual sales. Those donations will go to environmental nonprofits that create positive change. So, yes, we are stoked!

Quality First 🥇: Building a rugged product requires strict quality control measures. That's why we partnered with some of the best manufacturing quality professionals to ensure the All-Day Adventure Flask meets adventure standards.

We signed 🖋 our manufacturing contract! Tools and molds are being made and the first production samples should arrive around June 1st. Woah.

Long Road: More remote and rewarding places are often harder to get to. Our road is pretty similar. We’re focusing on quality manufacturing instead of rushing off to the races. The All-Day took two years to design and cutting corners is not in our DNA. That said, we have a soft aim for a summer launch.

How can you help? Hell yeah 🙌! Forward this link to your friends. We’ll get them on the early bird pricing list for you. Just copy this link to a text, email, or share to your social platform of choice. Alternatively, you could tap it out in morse code, print it and send via carrier pigeon, or simply use semaphore signals.

One last note: I am so grateful to have you on board 🏄‍♀️! Thanks for believing in what we do.

Adventure on!

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